Faith Jewelers Cleaning Foam and Pen set by Lavish

By Faith Jewelers, Inc.


Faith Jewelers Jewelry Cleaner by Lavish is the non-toxic professional jewelry cleaning foam that restores original brilliance to any gem or jewelry.

It is:

-Non-Toxic & Biodegradable

Unlike most jewelry cleaners, our cleaner is virtually odorless and has no toxic fumes.

-Super Fast and Easy

No scrubbing or rubbing! In just seconds, jewelry is restored to new condition.

-Safe for All Jewelry

Not to worry... our cleaner will not damage any kind of gem or jewelry— including soft gems like pearls and opals. You can use it to clean sterling silver, gold, platinum, and even the base metals used to make costume jewelry. 

-Made in the USA
This set includes a 2.5oz bottle of Faith Jewelers’ Jewelry Cleaning Foam, and a more concentrated Jewelry Cleaning Pen to carry with you on the go. You will also receive a free jewelry cleaning brush and drawstring gift bag. 


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