Faith Jewelers Jewelry Cleaner

By Faith Jewelers, Inc.


This is a non-toxic, formulation which turns the grease, oil and grime on the jewelry into soap right on the surface so that the ionic reaction actually sequesters all the dirt, oil and grime and rinses away completely with water leaving your jewelry absolutely clean and sparkling. The bottle is airplane carry-on compatible so you can take it with you on all your travels.

It is safe and effective on all metals and gems including soft, porous stones like pearls and opal. Cleaner can even be used on costume jewelry and doesn't contain any acids that will break down glue. Faith Jewelers Jewelry cleaner is safe for use on antique jewelry pieces as well. The only exceptions are Amber and Ethiopian Opal.

Various sizes perfect to keep non-toxic cleaner in your pocket book, take on trips and have at home.

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